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Sharjah Islamic Bank is committed to providing its shareholders and investors timely, accurate and balanced disclosure of all updated information and financial statistics pertaining to the bank's performance and investments.



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SIB aims to provide fair and equal access to such information for all customers, investors and shareholders.


SIB's Financial Reports is issued shortly after the close of the bank's financial year on 31st December. Independent verification of the bank's performance is conducted by an external auditor and results are publicly announced after authorization from the UAE Central Bank.


 Press Centre 

This information is announced through the bank website, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange – ADX, UAE media and other number of sources. Annual Meetings are regularly conducted and shareholders meetings are called as and when circumstances demand. 


For enquiries, please contact us on 06-5998075 / 06-5998442, or email us on [email protected].

Investor Relations App

Download our Investor Relations App, Follow the bank's share and you may check the financial reports and press Releases and all that matters to the investor.