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Sharjah Islamic Bank is committed to providing its shareholders and investors timely, accurate and balanced disclosure of all updated information and financial statistics pertaining to the bank's performance and investments.



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Announcement in relation to non-received cash dividends by shareholders of local public shareholding companies listed and held by companies prior to 01 March 2015


With reference to the guidelines issued by the Securities and Commodities Authority in relation to cash dividends not received by shareholders of local public shareholding companies listed and held by the companies prior to March 01, 2015.


Sharjah Islamic Bank invites eligible shareholders for non-received cash dividends for the period prior to 01 March 2015 to visit the following link to confirm the existence of the shareholder's name as eligible for cash dividends


The bank shall be provided with documents mention below in order to distribute dividends:


A letter signed by the shareholder (or his/her legal representative) addressed to the bank, including a request for a cheque issuance or a bank transfer of the outstanding amount of cash dividends. 
The shareholder’s original and copy of Emirates ID or the original and copy of the shareholder.
In the event there is power of attorney (“POA”), please provide the original notarized POA and a copy of the same, as well as the original, and copy of, UAE identity of the attorney or the original, and copy of, passport of the attorney.
Any other documents requested by the bank.


It should be noted that as of February 14, 2021, all cash dividends that have not been received by its beneficiaries will be transferred to the Securities and Commodities Authority, which shall be responsible for the disbursement of the profits to its shareholders when claimed, and the Authority will publish a statement on its, and financial markets’ website, explaining that it will carry out this role in all its details in due course.


Unclaimed Dividend for Previous Years

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