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New System... New Banking


As part of our commitment to enrich your banking experience and serve you better, we have upgraded our banking system. The new system comes with new account and IBAN numbers and apart from this change you should expect an improved banking experience with Sharjah Islamic Bank.


Here are some details about the system upgrade:


New Account & IBAN Numbers:

Your account(s) & IBAN number(s) have changed, you can always get your new numbers through:


1- Send NA followed by a space then your old account number to 6667 from your registered mobile.

Example: if your account number is 0030123456001 then your SMS should be: NA 0030123456001


2- Sharjah Islamic Bank ATM, choose: “Print new account number”


3- Online Banking, on the “Overview” page after you login. Please visit www.sib.ae and register to Online Banking services.


There will be no interruptions to old account numbers but it is highly recommended that you start using your new account details for future transactions.


Customer Number (New):

Just add 1 before your base number to get your new unique “Customer Number”. For example if your base number is 345678 then your customer number is: 1345678.


ATM Card & PIN:

There will be no change on your ATM Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN).


Online Banking:

Visit www.sib.ae and reset your password to continue enjoying online services.



You can still use the remaining cheque leaves that carry the old account number; future cheque books will carry the new account number.


Phone Banking:

You can always access your Phone Banking services by entering your card number. You can also use your “Customer Number” which is 1 followed by your 6-digit base account number.


Other Services:

Please note that there will be no impact on your services like transfers, remittances, cheques, Direct Debit, ATM Card, etc. as a result of our system upgrade.


For more information on how the system upgrade will enhance your banking experience, please call your Relationship Manager or get in touch with us on our 24-hour Call Centre on 06-5999999.