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At Sharjah Islamic 
Bank, we aim:











Asset Management

Portfolio Management

We aim to achieve the maximum return from a portfolio which has been delegated by the client to be managed by the bank. The bank has to balance the parameters which define a good investment i.e. security, liquidity and return. The goal is to obtain the highest return for the client by engaging in a highly disciplined, well diversified investment process.


Fund Management

The bank, through its strategic regional/global partner institutions, structures and offers mutual funds to our customers in different types of asset classes. Our goal is to provide the maximum return possible by engaging in a highly disciplined, well diversified investment process. Furthermore, it is normal for the bank to invest a substantial portion of its own monies in the funds to indicate the bank's strong commitment to managing these funds prudently and efficiently.

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Existing Funds under Management:

Tharwa Islamic Equity Portfolio (Open-end)
Portfolio Objective: To achieve above average long-term returns from capital gains and dividend income, principally through investments in publicly traded Sharia'a compliant equity securities of the Gulf and Arab markets. The portfolio will invest no less than 50% of NAV in UAE equities at all times. The portfolio must invest no less than 80% of NAV in Gulf and Arab equities at all times.
Amyal Islamic Leasing Fund (Closed-end) 
Fund Objective: The fund's objective is purchase new and used aircraft and lease the same to different airline companies and mitigates the investment risks through building a well diversified portfolio of aircraft leased out to lessees in different geographic locations. The Islamic investors get the benefit of accessing the attractive aircraft leasing market which provides potentially attractive returns in the medium term with an asset backed security.
Al Hisn Property Fund (Closed-end) 
Fund Objective: The fund invests in income generating real estate properties across the GCC region on the basis of well studied and pre-stated investment criteria and distributes the income quarterly to the investors.