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Banking...anywhere. anytime.


Bank from wherever you are: our secure Online and Mobile Banking allows you convenient access to your account and carrying out a wide range of transactions wherever you are. Sign up for Online Banking now and manage your money in an easy, secure and convenient way or download SIB Mobile Banking app and enter the world of Online Banking.


Download SIB Mobile Banking App


Features & Benefits


Account transactions history (print, email or download)
Account statement (print, email or download)
View cheque images (inward & outward)
Account to account transfer with standing order option
Internal / External Transfer with standing order option
Donation (Zakat , Sadqat)
University fees payment.
View finance and deposit details
Activate / Block debit cards instantly
Foreign exchange rates
New Fixed Deposit
Debit Card Re- Issuance
Additional Account opening
Account Certificates
Cheque Book request


Credit Cards

Credit Card statement (print, email or download)
Credit Card payment with auto payment feature
Within SIB Credit card payment with auto payment feature
Payment history and tracking
Activate / Block Credit Cards instantly
Auto Debit Percentage change request
Limit increase request
Credit card Re-Issuance Application


Utility bill payment

SEWA payment with auto payment feature
DEWA payment
Etisalat payment with auto payment feature

Security tips: 


SIB takes online security very seriously. We have invested in a state-of-the-art encryption technology and firewalls to help protect you and allow you to bank online in a safe & private manner. While we do our best to protect you from online fraudsters and scam artists, we urge you to be alert and take simple precautions to protect yourself and your finances.



  • Access SIB online banking services only through our website www.sib.ae
  • Ensure that the address bar has a 'https://', a green background and a visible padlock
  • Change your password on a regular basis and login to your online account frequently to verify your transactions
  • Keep your computer updated with the latest antivirus programs

Keep in mind:


  • SIB will never send e-mails that ask for confidential information like account information, credit/debit card details, PINs or Online banking details.
  • We will never send you an email asking you to verify your secure Online Banking details.
  • Genuine emails from us never contain links for product information, application forms or to the Online anking sign in page.