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Jan '18

Sharjah Islamic Bank receives prestigious ‘Business Excellence’ award Islamic Bank is recognized for efforts by The World Confederation of Businesses


Sharjah Islamic Bank receives prestigious ‘Business Excellence’ award

Islamic Bank is recognised for efforts by The World Confederation of Businesses 


Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB), a prominent National Bank in the UAE, was given an award for ‘Business Excellence 2017’ by The World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) recently. WORLDCOB was established in 2004 in Houston, Texas and seeks to promote business development worldwide, recognising and encouraging the progression of leading businesses and businesspeople.


Criteria assessed by the evaluation committee measures six core areas, business leadership, management systems, quality of products or services, business creativity and innovation, corporate social responsibility, and achievements and awards. Potential candidates are recognised based on their outstanding presence and business individuals who utilise business excellence and quality. HE Mohammed Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Sharjah Islamic Bank, was additionally awarded a certificate for being a successful leader that has consistently demonstrated business excellence.


HE Mohammed Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Sharjah Islamic Bank said, “We are ecstatic that The World Confederation of Businesses sought us out and contacted us. We will continue to meet the standards of this important and global award. At SIB, we believe in the importance of team-work, and without it we could not have come this far. We extend our gracious thanks to all the members of the SIB family that made the criteria for this award a reality.”


He continued to say that SIB is working towards many diverse ventures that make them distinct to other banks in terms of technologies and remain at the top of the industry. SIB continues to transcend visibly in retail space, through their investment in digital services, which validates the Business Excellence award.


Deemed one of the most significant business awards in the world, it assures a sense of quality and constant development towards continual improvement”. Winners are invited to become elite members of the Confederation, connecting them to prospectus commercial relationships and a variety of benefits. In addition, benefits include institutional logos to certify the company as a member of WORLDCOB, a wide network of businesses to connect with and generate new business opportunities, and a Corporate Social Responsibility Certification. It has approximately 3,000 members representing over 100 countries.

About Sharjah Islamic Bank:

Established in 1975, Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) is one of the leading national banks in the UAE, and an excellent reputation of embracing ground-breaking initiatives and applying the latest IT systems to the banking sector. SIB offers modern Sharia’a services in compliance with the highest international standards to its clientele. SIB adopts clear and prudent corporate strategy and policy, particularly in terms of risk management and investment diversification.

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