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The SIB Academy is a wing of the award winning Training and Development Division of Sharjah Islamic Bank. Through the academy, SIB aims to realize its commitment towards upgrading the competencies of the community in the United Arab Emirates. 


Currently the Academy focuses on the following areas:

    • Fostering Business Excellence in all the industries by providing a platform for knowledge sharing and benchmarking - Visions2Reality, a series of conferences with the tag line “Imitate, Innovate, Illuminate” will be the flagship project in this area.
    • Competency Development Programs - With a plethora of well researched and evolved tools for Competency assessment and customized development plans, this provides the business community in the area a set of plug and play solutions for Succession Planning and Career Development.


To transform each and every resident of the UAE into a role model for the world- educated, self sufficient, ethical and socially responsible.



To become the regional hub for people excellence.

The SIB Academy attracts, nurtures and develops talents who are passionate about learning,
self development and knowledge sharing. They are skilled in ascertaining the development
requirements of Organizations and individuals. The former is discovered using apt business
excellence models and the latter using competency frameworks. They are also adept at
designing and delivering innovative and effective learning interventions to address
the gaps unearthed in the requirement gathering processes.