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Priority Banking — Overview

Welcome to the world of Priority Banking.
A situate distinction only you can enjoy. Experiencing banking, at its best, with elite services and premium benefits will give you the utmost comfort and convenience you are looking for.

Our privileged; Sharia'a compliant, qualities of service grant you comfortable solutions and inclusive peace of mind.

To be a Priority Banking  customer, you should have total credit balance of AED 500,000 (Sum of current account, savings account, Watany account and Deposits) and above to receive our elite services and a range of exclusive benefits.

At SIB, we know you deserve the best...


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To find out more about Priority Banking, visit the nearest SIB Priority Banking Centre or call us at 06-­5999999 and leave your name and phone number so we can do the rest.

Current Account

Priority Banking Current Account is Sharia'a compliant deposit account which offers customers a flexible and powerful way to manage their everyday finances. This type of account is based on the Sharia'a concept of Wadei'ah and doesn't earn any profit.

Saving Account

SIB invests deposited funds, and shares the profits, between the bank and the investor; based on the bank's declared profit rate at the end of each month, following the concept of Mudaraba.


Features & Benefits:

24 hour access to deposit or withdraw funds through ATM in selected locations
Free debit Card
Free "Nebrass" Phone Banking services – 24 hours a day
Sharjah Islamic SMS Service- SMS notification of account activity
Free "[email protected]" Online Banking services – 24 hours a day
Free E-Statement service

Car Finance

Priority Banking offers innovative financing solutions for Car Finance; new and used cars. Based on Murabaha concept; Car Finance from SIB is an ideal alternative; as there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees.


Features & Benefits:

Fast approvals
Minimal formalities
Finance available for new and used vehicles
Long and flexible repayment periods
Islamic Insurance financing available for new vehicles
Competitive rates
High financing amounts

Fixed Deposit Account

Priority Banking; Sharia'a compliant, Fixed Deposit Account is a profit earning account which offers individuals a way to share in SIB profit distributions by investing their money based on Mudaraba concept.

SIB invests deposited funds, and shares the profits; between the bank and the investor, based on the bank's declared profit rate at the end of each month, and pays on maturity date.


Features & Benefits:

High profit returns
Free "Nebrass" Phone Banking services – 24 hours a day
Sharjah Islamic SMS Service– SMS notification of account activity
Free "[email protected]" Online Banking services – 24 hours a day
Free E-Statement service
Flexible investment periods

Home Finance - Tamallak

Having your own home is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Not only it is an investment, it is a security for your family in the future. Priority Banking offers Home Finance based on the Islamic financing concept of Ijarah, which is a form of leasing.

Based on your request and promise to lease from SIB, we purchase and possess the specified property, and then lease it to you on the terms of a monthly financial lease. The lease consists of the monthly installments and at the end of the tenor our purchase cost and profit is recovered. At the end of the lease period, we transfer ownership of the property to you for a nominal price or as a gift by a separate contract.


Features & Benefits:

Long and flexible repayment periods.
Fixed rent that gives you stability against rates fluctuations
Convenient monthly installments
Financing available for ready and under construction properties
Property documents (site plan, map & title of deed, etc.)


Personal Finance

Personal Finance allows you to manage your expenditure and finance the purchase of goods and services with a peace of mind.

Priority Banking helps you meet expenses and fulfill your financial responsibilities in a Sharia'a compliant manner, based upon Islamic financing principles of Ijarah for the services, and Murabaha for the goods.


Personal Finance under Service Ijarah

Air travel and holiday packages including Hajj and Umrah
Educational fees
Residential accommodation and commercial rental payments
Medical treatment
Marriage and wedding expenditure


Personal Finance under Goods Murabaha

Household furniture
Electronics and domestic appliances
Building materials
Boats & Motorcycles
Tools and machinery


Features & Benefits:

Flexible repayment periods
Convenient monthly installments
Competitive rates
Up to three months grace period on your first installment (Goods Murabaha)


Shares Finance

The new Shares Finance will not only pave your way for investing in the listed companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets, but also gives you the flexibility to sell your shares whenever you desire.

Features & Benefits:

Fast approval
High finance amounts
Long repayment tenures
Instant purchase
No shares pledge, you can sell anytime
Simple and easy procedures
Fully Sharia'a compliant


Investment Products

Based on your request, Priority Banking at SIB offers custom-made; Sharia'a compliant, investment products that meet your unique needs and financial objectives.



Exclusive Banking Centers

You are an asset for us, that's why we value your trust and confidence. We kept you in mind while designing our Exclusive Banking Centers; a place where we can set meetings and conduct any financial transactions with complete privacy and discretion.

At SIB, you are our top priority.


Specially Designed Cards and Cheque Books

Because you are special, we value and appreciate you. Your lifestyle and stature calls for us to provide you with prestigiously designed items that suit you. Now you can enjoy your MasterCard Platinum Debit Card with a higher daily cash withdrawal limit, and a unique Cheque Book which will enable other to recognize your VIP status.

At SIB, We believe in creativity.


Phone Banking 06-5999999

We know you are always on the move, so we appropriated a line dedicated specially to accommodate your requests for transferring funds, making bill payments, and assist you in any other banking needs.


SMS Banking

Access your account in the fastest, most secure and convenient manner through our SMS service. Now, you can bank anytime and anywhere you like.

At SIB, we always know your needs.


Preferential Rates on all Banking Transactions

As our Priority Banking Customer, you will enjoy the benefit of getting a preferential rate on all your banking transactions.

At SIB, we cover all your financial needs.


Dedicated Relationship Manager

Your needs are our concern. We are here to provide you with best quality of services through our highly trained Relationship Managers, who will personally attend to your every banking need. Our Relationship Managers are dedicated to offering you a range of financial services from an in-depth review of market trends, assessing your financial goals and presenting innovative solutions in managing, building and protecting your assets.

At SIB, we want you to grow.


Privileged Electronic Banking

Access your account anytime, anywhere with total convenience 24/7. Our highly committed and dedicated staffs are more than willing to assist you.


Online Banking

Now, you can make transactions via the Internet with our online banking services in addition to the automated bill payment facility.


Reserved Parking

It is always our pleasure to welcome you as our priority customer. Thus, we give you the facility to enjoy reserved parking without any hassles. Visit us anytime and experience first-class service you truly deserve.
At SIB, you are special.
*At selected branches.

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