Wealth Management SIB Academy


SIB believes in the vast potential of the UAE National talent and focuses on attracting, developing, optimizing and retaining this work force. This is reflected in its vision towards being an "Employer of Choice". 

The Emiritization Strategy is of the highest priority for Sharjah Islamic Bank, where ambitious nationals are attracted to be a part of a dynamic and motivating working environment.   

We aim at developing our national cadre’s competencies and banking professional skills, towards creating pioneer leaders in the banking sector. 


Our strategy consists of three main elements:

- Attracting talented nationals

- Efficient retention of Nationals with career development programs

- Engaging practices to continually excel performance and productivity 


SIB has built and implemented several unique programs towards realizing our commitment to the community. Some of these programs are:

It is a program that provides development opportunities to prepare a second level of leaders


Career Development plans for talented staff to be future leaders
Intensive trainings, certification programs and challenging projects 

It is a fast track program to understand career ambitions and then set up the career road-map.


Specialized development programs built to prepare selected talented staff, for specific target positions.
Exposure to various experiences through intensive training programs and constant mentoring. 

An intensive training program for graduates of universities and colleges.


It focuses on identifying and developing professional skills, of UAE nationals
It qualifies individuals to participate in filling leading positions, in the various departments of the Bank.

Summer/work placement training program for university and college undergraduates: 


Helping to define their future career.
Focusing on appropriate disciplines based on ‘hands- on’ practice.