Wealth Management SIB Academy

Learning & Career Development


We believe that Competent, Committed and Confident associates are the greatest assets of our Organization. So we ensure that we have the best in class interventions to facilitate the development of each of our associates.  People development is managed by setting challenging Key Performance Indicators and by provided programs benchmarked with Industry Leaders. Some of the highlights of our offerings are



Focused programs for New Joiners
Customized programs linked to our Performance Appraisal System
Career Development programs with intensive training
Coaching and Mentoring
Online and Social Media Learning
Leadership Development Campaigns
Technical Certifications
Branch Excellence Projects


In line with the Societal Mission of our Bank, we also offer programs to develop the community that we are a part of. L&D is a proud facilitator of SIB's thrust towards the future. If we can summarize our approach towards learning it would be... Organizational Excellence through People Excellence.