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Sharjah Islamic Bank has three fully-owned subsidiaries




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Located in the Emirate of Sharjah, ASAS Real Estate; SIB’s subsidiary company, ambitiously working to expand its operations to other Emirates as time flows. The core of ASAS Real Estate is investing in real estate sector within major development projects. ASAS Real Estate stresses on providing good investment openings to our customers & solid returns; proportionate with the fast-paced growth in the UAE real estate sector.



ASAS Real Estate operation basis is diversified on strategy in real estate sector by investing, developing and managing various real estate project categories which earns higher return on investments, and leads to developing the real estate sector. In addition to the risk factor that is at the lowest possible level.


ASAS performs a diverse number of activities that include:


Lands & Real Estate Project Investments
Project Management & development
Real Estate Marketing
Real Estate Property Management & Sales
Real Estate Facility Management Services


ASAS Tower Brochure


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Headquartered in Sharjah, Al Ghanim Business Center, Sharjah Islamic Financial Services LLC (SIFS); SIB’s subsidiary company, offers its customers and investors a range of Sharia’a compliant trading tools to allocate, select and manage investments and wealth. With a modern state-of-the-art office building with the entire advanced technological infrastructure necessary to conduct smooth business, SIFS offers the right ambience and professional environment. As a commitment, SIFS provides high quality services to our customers, Islamic Sharia’a principles are adhered in all processes and practices; which in turn gives SIFS a competitive advantage over other firms, who are also offering similar kind of services.





  • New Investors

   Issuing new Investor Number NIN from ADX and DFM.

  • Custodian Transfer

   Transfer of shares from other brokers or from financial markets to our customer accounts.


  • Market Transfer

   Transfer of shares from financial markets to our customer accounts.


  • Smooth Cash Transfers

   Smooth transfers of any cash generated from sell or buy transactions to and/or from our client's SIB bank accounts.


  • Update accounts

   Update trading account in markets and in SIFS.


  • Shares Finance


  • Margin Financing for shares trading




To know more about SIFS, visit: https://www.sifs.ae/

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