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MaxPlus Deposit Account

Maximum Profit, Maximum Flexibility


To apply


  • Applicants should be at least 21 years
  • Minimum deposit amount AED 10,000

Required documents

  • Original passport and Emirates ID Valid UAE residence visa for expats

MaxPlus Fixed Deposit Product Profit Rates – 18 Months Tenure

18 Month Deposit – Expected Profit Rates (p.a.)
MonthExpected Profit RateMonthExpected Profit Rate
4 M2.000%13 M5.490%
5 M2.490%14 M5.790%
6 M2.990%15 M5.990%
7 M3.500%16 M6.199%
8 M3.990%17 M6.290%
9 M4.490%18 M6.375%
Expected Annualized Rate for 18 Months4.25%

MaxPlus Fixed Deposit Product Profit Rates – 36 Months Tenure

36 Month Deposit – Expected Profit Rates (p.a.)
MonthExpected Profit RateMonthExpected Profit RateMonthExpected Profit Rate
1M0.300%13 M3.590%25 M4.890%
2 M0.750%14 M3.690%26 M4.990%
3 M1.200%15 M3.750%27 M5.190%
4 M1.500%16 M3.850%28 M5.390%
5 M2.000%17 M3.990%29 M5.490%
6 M2.250%18 M3.990%30 M5.590%
7 M2.500%19 M4.190%31 M5.790%
8 M2.750%20 M4.290%32 M5.990%
9 M2.850%21 M4.490%33 M6.990%
10 M2.990%22 M4.590%34 M8.990%
11 M3.250%23 M4.690%35 M10.990%
12 M3.490%24 M4.790%36 M14.250%
Expected Annualized Rate for 36 Months4.75%

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