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Islamic Trade Finance.

Ensure reliability of your business with our Islamic Trade Finance solutions


SIB is one of the leading Islamic business finance pioneers in the industry. SIB offers Trade Finance products and services that are innovative and flexible, so that clients can realize optimum value from the benefits and practicality of Islamic banking. The bank is geared to handle all forms of Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee whether importing for local consumption or for exports, SIB offers appropriate solutions.

SIB provides wide range of product and services, such as:

  • Letters of Credit (Import & Export)
  • Letters of Guarantees
  • Inward & Outward Collection Bills for Collection
  • Islamic Financing for Import & Export goods
Islamic Trade Finance Schedule of Fees and Commissions

Letters of Guarantee

  • Shape-up your business opportunities confidently with SIB’s tailored made guarantee solutions. SIB’s wide range of guarantees assist your business terms more attractive which helps you to negotiating more even in the absence of established relationship. SIB issues guarantees Local and International- through correspondent network. We issue all types of guarantees such as:


    • Bid Bond
    • Performance Bonds
    • Advance Payment Guarantees
    • Retention Guarantees
    • Maintenance Guarantees
    • Financial Guarantees
    • Counter Guarantees

Letters of Credit

  • Grow your Import & Export business in local and international markets, our Trade finance products and services provides, guaranteed payments to suppliers through documentary credit, extensive global reach through correspondent banking network, expert advice on flexible financing solutions and much more. Our range of products and financing solutions includes:

    - Trade Solutions for Importers:

    • Letters of Credit (Either Non-Financed LC OR Financed LC)
    • Shipping Guarantees
    • Standby Letters of Credit 

    - Trade Solutions for Exporters:

    • Letters of Credit Advising
    • Letters of Credit Confirmation
    • Assignment of Proceeds
    • Receivables Financing

Applications Library

Instructions to be followed for filling and submission of below forms:

Letters of Credit

Letters of Credit
  • Guidance for filling Documentary Credit - Non Murabaha
  • Download Pdf
  • Guidance for filling Documentary Credit - Murabaha
  • Download Pdf
  • Guidance for Filling Documentary Credit Issuance Application - IB
  • Download Pdf
  • Application for Opening a Documentary Credit for Murabaha Sales Transaction
  • Download Pdf
  • Promise to Purchase - Commodity and Foreign Trade Transaction
  • Download Pdf
  • Acknowledgement Of Receipt Of Goods under Local Murabaha (L.C)
  • Download Pdf

Letters of Guarantee

Guidance for filling LG Application / Amendment of LG
  • Guidance for filling LG Application and Amendment of LG
  • Download Pdf

Export Letter of Credit

Export Letter of Credit
  • Specimen of Customer's Letter for Documents (As Presented/ On Approval)
  • Download Pdf
  • Specimen of Customer's Letter for Documents (Scrutiny of Documents)
  • Download Pdf

Outward Documentary Collections

Outward Documentary Collections
  • Specimen of Customer's Letter for Outward Documentary Collection
  • Download Pdf

Other Forms

Authorization to Receive Murabaha Goods - Local
  • Authorization to Receive Murabaha Goods - Local
  • Download Pdf
  • Authorization to Receive Murabaha Goods - 3rd Port
  • Download Pdf

Islamic Trade Finance

SIB's wide-ranging Trade Finance solutions comprise innovative and flexible products and services.
Letter of Guarantee

SIB Letters of Guarantee are a valuable tool that helps customers grow their businesses by providing peace of mind to suppliers and contractors, who are in turn assured of timely payment thanks to the firm backing and support of a reputable and financially sound banking institution.

Export LC Murabaha

For businesses that are looking to boost their export capacity and business activity, as well as bridge the gap between cash inflow and outflow, the Export LC Murabaha is the ideal solution. It is a unique product, featuring a combination of two Sharia’a-compliant structures: the Export Letter of Credit and Murabaha

Wakala Collections Murabaha

Is your bank not financing imports due to the company name on the invoice? The innovative WCM improves cash flow by reducing the gap between the payment of imported goods and the payment of the after sale. WCM enhances business opportunities of both local and global suppliers. For more details contact your RM.

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