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The nucleus of a value system that assures fairness in all walks of human life.


Sharia is the nucleus of a system of Islamic values that guarantees justice in all aspects of life, it represents a basic reference for the Islamic financial institutions in terms of observance to their activities and products. Accordingly, Sharia will remain the cornerstone of the Islamic finance industry and the basis for its discipline with the Sharia rulings in light of the discretion of Ummah’s scholars and their application of the provisions derived from the Quran and Sunnah to Islamic Finance reality.  

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Overview on Islamic Banking

Sharia is a comprehensive system covers all aspects of human life, as it organizes their work, attains their interests, meets their needs, establishes fairness between them, in a nutshell, it organizes all aspects of life, specially the economic side.

Moreover, Islamic jurisprudence does not ignore any of the major activities in our life, as it is the one that controls and governs all financial and commercial dealings in society. Just as Islamic banks apply the rules and provisions of Sharia and follow the Islamic jurisprudence, so the Islamic banking services aim to apply this jurisprudence in a suitable way to meet customer’s requirements who is desirous to deal with Islamic banks.

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Overview on Islamic Banking

Our Mission

Work devotedly, sincerely, and diligently, to purify all activities of the bank and make it fully in compliance with Sharia, and to carry out the control and Sharia audit in fruitful and constructive way, while not failing to exert efforts to uphold and preserve the reputation and achievements of Sharjah Islamic Bank. 

Our Vision

To turn Sharia Divisions to become a source of satisfaction and trust for bank’s associates, clients, shareholders, depositors, and the public, to contribute to make Sharjah Islamic Bank the optimal choice.

Introduction to Sharia Divisions:

As compliance with Sharia is the corner stone of Islamic banking, and to confirm this commitment, the urgent need for a comprehensive and an integrated system has emerged, with its major components, specific aims and related effective ways and tools to control and organize the accurate implementation of Islamic banking derived from the rulings of Sharia, which is transparent and clear, not only in bank’s activities, but it is related also to administrative aspects as well. 

In light of this understanding and as stated in bank’s AoA, the two divisions of internal Sharia control and internal Sharia audit have been formed as two independent divisions, each with its own tasks entrusted to it.   

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Internal Sharia Supervision Committee

Head of ISSC

Dr. Jassim Al Shamsi

Member of ISSC and Managing Director

Dr. Ibrahim Al Mansoori

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