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Fraud & Security

  • Set up a Pin/password to access the handset menu on your mobile phone.
  • Delete junk message and chain messages regularly.
  • Install latest security patches and software updates in your mobile phone.
  • Keep your mobile's operating system and applications, including the browser, updated with the latest security patches and upgrades.
  • Do not download program/apps from unsecured sources. Only download apps from official app stores such as Apple iTunes, Android Marketplace, Google Play Store and BlackBerry App World.
  • Do not use "jail broken" or "rooted" devices for online banking.
  • Always log off from your online session. Do not just close your mobile phone browser.
  • Remove temporary files and the cache stored in the memory of your mobile phone regularly since they may contain sensitive information such as your account number.
  • Delete sensitive SMS messages if they are no longer required.
  • Don’t store personal/sensitive information such as credit card details, mobile banking, user ID/ password, etc. on your phone.
  • Do not leave your mobile phone unattended.
  • Avoid sharing your mobile phone with others.
  • Do not keep sensitive information such as your account numbers, PIN and logon passwords in your mobile phone.
  • Report a lost or stolen phone immediately to your service provider. Also, call our 24-hour Customer Care to disable the Mobile application.
  • Be cautious while accepting offers such as caller tunes or dialer tunes or open/download emails or attachments from known or unknown sources.
  • Be cautious while using Bluetooth in public places as someone may access your confidential data/information.
  • Do not follow any URL in message that you are not sure about it.
  • If possible, maximize the security features by enabling encryption, remote wipe and location tracking on device.
  • Turn off wireless device services, while not in use.
  • Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi in public or shared networks.
  • Also please refer General Security Tips.

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