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Fraud & Security

  • Keep your passwords confidential.
  • Don't share your passwords, PINs or OTP with anyone over the phone, in texts, by email, or in person. If you are asked for your password, it’s a scam.
  • Protect your computer accounts with strong passwords.
  • Use a password with at least eight characters. Every additional character exponentially strengthens a password.
  • Passwords should be combination of alphabets, numbers and Special characters such as !,*,.,),+,=,?,@.
  • Change the passwords periodically and whenever you feel that your password has been compromised or made known to anybody accidentally.
  • PIN/Password can be updated through Online and Mobile Banking, ATM Machines, Smart Kiosks, and Phone Banking
  • Use the virtual keyboard displayed on the login screen to enter passwords.
  • Don't use the same passwords for all websites.
  • Use different password for more than one banking account.
  • Don't let anyone watch you enter your password.
  • Don't store passwords in your laptop or mobile device.
  • Don't use family member names, phone numbers, date of birth, addresses, or other personally identifiable information as passwords.
  • Don't save passwords in your browser. Do not tick the box of save password while logging into any sites.
  • If you access any website in a public place (like cyber-cafe, any shared computer or a computer other than your own), change your passwords after such use in your own computer at your workplace or at home.
  • Please note that SIB will never ask for your password.
  • Also please refer General Security Tips.

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