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Jul '13

Sharjah Islamic Bank prepare to launch Ramadan Tent for the 7th consecutive year


Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) is all set to launch the activities of its Ramadan Tent for the 7th consecutive year from July 11th – 25th, 2013.

The two-week Ramadan Tent will feature various religious awareness and entertaining programmes as well as engaging activities, delivered by an elite group of Muslim scholars and experts.

The opening ceremony will take place at the Ramadan Tent's new venue located in Al Ramaqiyah area near Bilal bin Rabah Mosque, opposite Matajer Centre, Sharjah. The opening ceremony will commence with a lecture delivered by Sheikh Sultan Al Degailby (Bo Zookom) on July 11th 2013. The Tent is fully equipped with all amenities necessary for the comfort of the guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Hassan Al Balgoni, Head of Public Relations and CSR division at the SIB and Head of Organizing Committee of SIB Ramadan Tent said, "Following the resounding success achieved by its Ramadan Tents over the previous six editions, the SIB is keen to satisfy the needs of all guests at its 7th edition of the Ramadan Tent. The Tent is designed to accommodate a

large number of guests and has allocated a special place for women, who will experience the true sense of hospitality and the spirit of Ramadan."

Al Balgoni seized the opportunity to extend profound thanks to SIB's strategic partners for their efforts on such occasions, especially Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Al Thiqah Club for the Handicapped in Sharjah, Sharjah Media Corporation represented by Sharjah Radio and Sharjah Municipality.

"We have made a promise to our guests that this year's Ramadan Tent will offer unique programmes tailored to instill the spirit of tolerance. Our Ramadan activities enhance the values of solidarity and social coherence as well as create camaraderie between all community members and expatriate residents in the country," Al Balgoni added.

As part of this year's programme, SIB has prepared a wide range of cultural activities and competitions titled "Who will encash the cheque", and allocated several cash and material prizes.

On 13 July, the tent's guests will be able to attend the competition titled "‘Quran Recitation competition",  organized in cooperation with the Islamic Club at the American University of Sharjah, where youngsters with most beautiful voices reciting Quran will be nominated by the Jury to select the winner who will win the title of the competition.

The Ramadan Programme will also feature two evenings, one on Sports Media presented by specialists in the field, and will be broadcast live on Sharjah Radio. The second evening will discuss the issue of national identity, which will take place in collaboration with Watani, on July 14 and 15.

The Ramadan Tent will also include other evenings, most notably "Social Awareness Night", which will focus on talking about home, school, and factors of

social security, in collaboration with the Sharjah Educational Zone and the Parents Council. An evening designed exclusively for women will take place in conjunction with the Family Development Centres, apart from Sport Events Night, which will include the first 4 aside indoor competition, Baby Foot + Play Station, on 17 and 18 July.

SIB Ramadan Tent will also host the "Children’s Night" featuring educational, sporting, and entertaining contests organized  in a family oriented fun filled atmosphere  in collaboration with Mega Mall, followed by an Emirati special evening on religious chanting and signing.

The programme will include a special evening dedicated to people with special needs titled 'Bonding with  Brothers with Special Needs', In collaboration with  Al Thiqah Club for the Handicapped in Sharjah, on July 19, 20 and 21.

On 22 July, the Tent's visitors will be able to attend a special debate titled "Heated discussion regarding Football Professionalism! The Return of the joyous UAE League, which will discuss the awaiting football match between Al Shaab and Sharjah clubs. The event will be broadcast live on Sharjah Radio.

The Ramadan Tent will conclude its activities on Thursday, 25th of July, with a special Closing Ceremony during which Grand Prize draws will take place.

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