Wealth Management SIB Academy


Our Strategy



We aim to deliver long-term value to all our customers with our wide range of products and services so they can live

financially better lives...



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A bank for everyone....


At SIB we give utmost importance to people as they come first in every activity that we do. We believe providing an environment which upholds fairness and self-respect, is driven by simplicity and initiatives. In addition, we are driven by trust to all individual in partnership with us.


Our core values empower us to offer an innovative banking experience through customized solutions to our customers & progressive career development lane to our employee.

Creativity and Innovation


Finding new ways to do things to accelerate our growth
Constantly striving for process and product improvements
Seeking benchmarks and stakeholder perceptions to make things better


Social Responsibility 


Taking initiative to support the local community
Supporting and nurturing young UAE Nationals by coaching and mentoring them
Making environmental protection a priority




Ensuring that processes and standards are followed with the highest quality and accuracy
Following the Code of Conduct
Adhering to Shariah Standards


Learning and Self-Development


Constantly striving to upgrade oneself
Sharing knowledge and best practices
Striving to become an ambassador of the Bank and its values


Bonding and harmony


Treating one another with dignity and respect irrespective of nationality and rank
Sharing each other's Happiness and grief
Reaching out to understand and support each other
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SIB aims to provide the best services by commitment & dedication, a mission to serve people and the society in order to contribute towards its growth.


Our mission has multiple dimensions aimed at communicating with all of our different audiences:



Add a value by managing and enhancing individual customer experiences and providing creatively inspired solutions.



Be the employer of the first choice in the UAE by providing a culture of knowledge shares, teamwork, respect, leadership and initiative.



Create sustainable growth for our stakeholders.



To promote the development of our society by fostering the principles of social responsibility enshrined in our vision statement.





Our vision provides us with a set of primary goals and a standard of excellence that ensures we deliver on our purpose: 




 "To be the bank of choice, delivering creative customer solutions based on Islamic principles of partnership, trust & equality for all"








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Welcome to Sharjah Islamic Bank, the first bank in the world to successfully convert from conventional to Islamic. Sharjah Islamic Bank is the biggest bank in Sharjah, operating with a dedicated manpower to serve our customers.


With a wide range of Sharia’a compliant products and services, we are happy to cater a host of customer segments: Retail, Commercial, Corporate, Investment and International Banking.


With a chain of strategically located and uniquely designed branches and offices, we are pleased to deliver unparallel services to our wide range of customers. More than ever, we have stretched our services bouquet to occupy SMEs as well as large corporations across the United Arab Emirates with a comprehensive set of banking services.