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Current Account

Priority Banking Current Account is Sharia'a compliant deposit account which offers customers a flexible and powerful way to manage their everyday finances. This type of account is based on the Sharia'a concept of Wadei'ah and doesn't earn any profit.

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Watany Account

SIB invests deposited funds, and shares the profits, between the bank and the investor; based on the bank's declared profit rate at the end of each month, following the concept of Mudaraba.

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Benefit from a variety of features.

SIB MaxPlus Deposit Account

Maximum Profit Maximum Flexibility

Profit rate up to 6% (36 months tenure) and 2.4% (18 months tenure)

Finance against your deposit up to 90%

Access fund anytime without breaking the deposit

Fixed Deposit Account

Priority Banking; Sharia'a compliant, Fixed Deposit Account is a profit earning account which offers individuals a way to share in SIB profit distributions by investing their money based on Mudaraba concept.

Features & Benefits:
  • High profit returns
  • SMS Notifications
  • Online & Mobile Banking services
  • Statements generated every 6 months
  • 24-hour call center
  • Flexible investment periods 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 months
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Car Finance

Priority Banking offers innovative financing solutions for Car Finance; new and used cars. Based on Murabaha concept; Car Finance from SIB is an ideal alternative; as there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees.

The smarter way to bank

SIB MaxPlus Deposit Account

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Business Capital

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Bank on the move with SIB Digital Banking

Personal Finance

There’s no need to put any plans on hold with our Personal Finance solution. Get a head start on achieving your dreams and start securing a brighter future, right away. Whether you need help with a personal investment, tying the knot with your partner, travelling for business or pleasure, or even furnishing your house and paying rent – we are always here to support you.

Features & Benefits:
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Personal Finance - Cash Out Liquidity

  • Bonds Finance
  • Shares Finance
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Personal Finance - Services

  • Holiday packages / Air tickets
  • Umrah
  • Education
  • Medical treatment
  • House/Flat / office/ shop annual rent
  • Wedding & Events expenses
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Personal Finance – Goods

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Household Appliances
  • Building Materials & Tools
  • Personal Computers & Lap Tops
  • Boats, Motorcycles & machineries*
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Custom-made Investment Products

Based on your request, Priority Banking at SIB offers custom-made; Sharia'a compliant, investment products that meet your unique needs and financial objectives.

How can we help you?

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We can help you choose the ideal option according to your lifestyle and needs.

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Write to us and we will get back to you soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

All you need to do is visit the Online Banking page through www.sib.ae and register as a new user of a retail account. You should have your card or account number and verification code ready to create your user ID and complete the process.

Yes, online shopping with your Sharjah Islamic Bank Debit Card is easy, convenient and safe. Take all the necessary precautions while purchasing items on the Internet and shop only with reputable and widely trusted outlets.

After you’ve submitted your online application form, you will be required to bring your original passport and UAE national ID card to your branch, along with a valid UAE residence visa if you’re an expat. You must be over 18 years of age to apply and have a minimum balance of AED 3,000 in your account.

The Group Credit Life Takaful is an Islamic insurance scheme that protects your loved ones by covering your liabilities with Sharjah Islamic Bank in the event of death or Permanent Total Disability (PTD).

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