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We're led by passionate professionals who are dedicated to community banking 



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His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohd Al Owais

Vice Chairman

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Obaid Al Shamsi



Mr. Salah  Butti  Obaid  Bin  Butti  Al Mheiri   

Mr. Ali Bin Salim Bin Ali Al Mazrou

Mr. Othman Mohamed Zaman

Mr. Mohamed N A Al Fouzan

Mr. Abdullah S A E Al Haddad



The Board of Directors' prime responsibility is supervising management of the bank's affairs by providing effective corporate governance. On the other hand, the Board aims to balance the interests of the bank's diverse constituencies, including its shareholders, customers, employees and responsibility to the communities in which we operate. 


For actions commenced by our board of directors, they are expected to implement independent business judgment in what they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of SIB. In discharging that compulsion, the directors may rely on the honesty and integrity of the bank's senior management, outside advisors and independent auditors.